VeRLab and CORO members were qualified for the 2019 AIRR Circuit

Students and professors of the VeRLab and CORO laboratories were classified to compete in the first AIRR (Artificial Intelligence Robotic Racing) Season. The XQuad Team, formed by the researches, placed the 8th position in the first stage of the AlphaPilot Challenge, in which more than 400 teams worldwide competed by developing codes to make an autonomous drone fly through a sequence of gates.

The competition is organized by the Lockheed Martin Company with the DRL (Drone Racing League) and NVIDIA as partners.

AIRR: Coming 2019

AlphaPilot — Lockheed Martin AI Drone Racing Innovation Challenge

The next step is the implementation of the results with physical drones and pursues the final prize!

See more information about the organizers of the competition and about our team in the links below:

XQuad Team: