This project aims to investigate the teleoperation of mining equipment, focusing primarily on the bulldozer. In this context, teleoperation can be defined as equipment operation at a distance. It is very desirable that users can be able to interact with the remote environment naturally. In other words, the interaction should provide the user the sensation of being present at the site by offering information from different sensors, that is known as telepresence.

The project is divided into two main modules: operation and immersion. The operation module is responsible for acquiring information from the remote environment and perform physical interaction commanded by the user. The immersion module offers an immersive environment that gives the operator the sensation of presence and provides a virtual scenario. This research project involves advanced technologies such as active vision, tridimensional reconstruction, haptics interfaces, data visualization, trajectory planning, computer vision, and mobile robotics techniques.

Finally, the properties of mining processes are studied and explored to evaluate the impact and viability of our research in the Vale process.



This project is supported by Instituto Tecnológico da Vale (ITV). 


Héctor Ignacio Azpúrua Perez-Imaz

PhD Student

Bruna Vieira Frade

MSc Student

Jéssica Ferreira Soares

MSc Student

Paulo Alfredo Frota Rezeck

MSc Student

Felipe Cadar Chamone

Undergraduate Student

Luan Gabriel Nunes Pinto

Undergraduate Student

Mario F. M. Campos


Douglas Guimarães Macharet

Assistant Professor

Erickson Rangel do Nascimento

Adjunct Professor

Luiz Chaimowicz

Associated Professor