J/Verlab gets 6th place at the Starcraft A.I. Competition

Our team, Megabot, got 6th place at the Starcraft A.I. Competition, held by The Computational Inteligence and Games Conference. The competing team is a spin-off of a previous work: Rock, Paper, StarCraft: Strategy Selection in Real-Time Strategy Games, presented at AIIDE 2016.

Megabot was also highlighted by its learning curve throughout the competition, achieving the best performance among all teams in the final rounds.

Results are published here.

Team MegaBot:

  • Amanda “Valkyrie” Santos
  • Anderson “Zealot” Tavares
  • Hector “Firebat” Azp├║rua
  • Tiago “Goliath” Oliveira
  • Luiz “Commander” Chaimowicz

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