Accepted papers in SBR-LARS 2015

SBR-LARS 2015 – Brazilian Robotics Symposium and Latin American Robotics Symposium 2015. This year, VerLab will contribute with three works in the SBR-LARS 2015.

  • Detecting Latent Variables of Interest in Geo-localized Environments Using an Aerial Robot
    • D. Saldana
    • R. Melo
    • E. R. Nascimento
    • M. F. M. Campos
  • Terrain Classification from UAV Flights using Monocular Vision
    • I. S. G. Campos
    • E. R. Nascimento/li>
    • L. Chaimowicz
  • Socially Acceptable Robot Navigation in the Presence of Humans
    • P. A. A. Vasconcelos
    • H. N. S. Pereira
    • D. G. Macharet
    • E. R. Nascimento
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