2020 IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV)

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The growth of Social Networks has fueled the habit of people logging their day-to-day activities, and long First-Person Videos (FPVs) are one of the main tools in this new habit. Semantic-aware fast-forward methods are able to decrease the watch time and select meaningful moments, which is key to increase the chances of these videos being watched. However, these methods can not handle semantics in terms of personalization. In this work, we present a new approach to automatically creating personalized fast-forward videos for FPVs. Our approach explores the availability of text-centric data from the user’s social networks such as status updates to infer her/his topics of interest and assigns scores to the input frames according to her/his preferences. Extensive experiments are conducted on three different datasets with simulated and real-world users as input, achieving an average F1 score of up to 12.8 percentage points higher than the best competitors. We also present a user study to demonstrate the effectiveness of our method.

Methodology, Links and Visual Results

A. Frame Scoring

B. Personalized Hyperlapse

Official Publication (NEW!)

Source code (Coming Soon!)

CVF WACV’20 Open Access (NEW!)

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Edson Roteia Araujo Junior

MSc Student

Alan Carvalho Neves

MSc Student
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