Path planning and trajectory tracking are important topics to be considered when it comes to mobile robotics. In many situations, it is desired that a mobile robot execute a path in order to reach a goal previously determined, or continuously follow a trajectory to patrol a region (usually used in surveillance missions). One can describe both path planning and trajectory tracking as a single problem in two different phases: the first phase involving the path determination and description, and the second phase in which the robot will effectively follow the previously planned path – basically, trajectory tracking – considering its kinematics properties.

In our work, we propose the use of a Fuzzy Controller in a unicycle robot which is used to track trajectories defined by Artificial Vector Fields. A study regarding the actuators and the system’s performance is done in simulation in order to verify that the trajectory tracking by the robot is successful and show that the proposed fuzzy controller is a feasible option to control a unicycle type vehicle.


[LARS 2018] Vítor Machado Guilherme Barros, Douglas Guimarães Macharet. Implicit Curve Navigation Using Fuzzy Control, IEEE Latin American Robotics Symposium (2018).
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This project is supported by CNPq, CAPES, and FAPEMIG.


Vítor Machado Guilherme Barros

MSc Student